The sun at midnight

Directing: Kirsten Carthew
Canada, 2016, fiction, 93 minutes
English Version
Contact: MEI Group

After the death of her mother, 16-year-old Lia is sent to her grandma to Fort Mcpherson where she is to cope with living in the small subarctic community. But the local habits seem strange and monotonous to the fancy city-child, so she decides to escape and go back to Dawson city on her own. But the way to get there is dangerous, and she soon gets lost. Fortunately she meets Alfred, a huntsman of the Gwich’in tribe, who takes her on a journey of discovery across the caribou country. They will meet great dangers, and Lia will have to be strong and brave.

Wednesday March 7th – 3:00 PM
cinéma DU PARC


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