FIFEM is happy to share the call for youth jury of our partner the Olympia International Film Festival.

We would like to share with you some useful information, about the International Youth Jury !

1. The International Youth Jury will consist of a fabulous team of 10 young members from different European and North American countries.

2. International Youth Jury Members work is first to watch 20 Short Fiction Films and 25 Short Animation Films in total of around 10 hours film material (divided in 4 groups each one for a schedule of 2 days).

3. Every member of the Jury will receive all the films and an online Screening Schedule of the films which will start online Thursday 19/11 and end on Friday 30/11 late evening.

4. International Youth Jury’s work is to choose the Best Short Fiction Film and the Best Short Animation Film.
But every member of the Jury will do the selection gradually every 2 days, choosing one film from every group of films, and through online team cooperation on Google Sheets, finally after discussion and voting the Jury will choose the Best Short Fiction Film and the Best Short Animation Film from the final 4 films of each category on Friday 30/11 late evening.

5. International Youth Jury’s decision has to based on film criteria and the social values of Olympia Festival, after a democratic and cooperative team process, and will be presented at the Award Ceremony in a short video, that has to to be prepared until Wednesday 2/12 !

6. It is really important all Jury’s Members to keep the decision totally secret from anybody (included social media…), until the official announcement at the Award Ceremony.

7. The Award Ceremony will take part on Saturday 5/12, at Pyrgos Conference Hall and will be streamed online. Jury’s Online Meetings via Zoom There will be a first welcome online meeting on Thursday evening 19/11, in order to meet each other and to ask me questions regarding the Jury, the festival, the program, etc. and also to share your point of view and your precious important film experience! Then we will have a second online meeting on Sunday 21/11, a third meeting on Friday 29/11, and the really important last meeting on Sunday 1/12 for your final decisions.

Important Practical Information:
All the members of the International Youth Jury have to:
-be between 14-19 year old
-use Gmail and Google Sheets
-know English language
-use Zoom

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People