The Stop Motion Montreal Festival invites you to discover the art of puppet animation and other stop-motion techniques commonly known as stop-motion thanks to a Discovery program! A special selection intended for young audiences and composed of short films from a dozen countries will appeal to children as well as adults.

All short films are presented without dialogue.

Big Fish

Stormy Sea, mother Yona is on a small boat looking for the ‘Big fish’ that swallowed her daughter, Mika. Yona travels through a violent thunder storm. When she reaches beyond the storm, Yona [...]


Lovro sits in his bathtub. Looking sad, he stares at droplets dripping from the tap.  Suddenly, the day he first went fishing with grandpa springs to life in his imagination, spilling over into [...]


A story about the relationship between a young arrogant rector of the church, fresh from the divinity school, and an old woman who has devoted her entire life to the service of God and for whom [...]

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Stop Motion Montreal Festival is happy to collaborate with FIFEM for a second consecutive edition to discover the many facets of cinema and feed the imagination of our youth. Let the magic works!

Dimanche 4 mars – 10h30
Dimanche 11 mars – 12h45
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