Ernest et Célestine, 
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Ernest is a bear living apart from his congeners. He makes a living by playing the accordion or playing the clown in the streets. He’s always grumpy: he grumbles, vituperates and moans… But his guffaw always ends up banishing his bad mood.

In his dilapidated house, he has welcomed Célestine, a small orphan mouse. Célestine is generous, as much with Ernest as with her friends. She’s an optimist and devoted character who’s always in a good mood. When she sets herself an objective, she’s persistent and nothing can resist her, not even Ernest’s natural inclination to grumbling.

Infos :

Directors : Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe Roger
France, 2016, animation, six 13-minute episodes
French version
Contact : Folivari

Several projections
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